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When someone is appointed as a trustee of a trust, they assume a significant responsibility toward the beneficiaries. The trustee must be aware of their rights and duties, as outlined in the trust agreement and applicable laws.

By following the appropriate procedures and knowing what to expect, potential disputes and accusations of breach of trust can be minimized, along with the associated personal liabilities.

It is highly recommended that you seek the guidance of a lawyer if you accept the role of trustee. An attorney should be consulted immediately once it is clear that a trust needs to be administered.

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How can a San Diego Trust Administration Attorney Help?

A comprehensive estate plan frequently includes additional estate planning tools and strategies in addition to a will.

A living trust is a legal entity that contains instructions for what will happen to your trust-held assets after your death. Unlike a will, a living trust bypasses the probate process, allows you to maintain control over your assets, and prevents the court from taking control of these assets if you become incapacitated. The trust documents you create include instructions in advance in case you become incapacitated or otherwise unable to manage your trust.

A San Diego trust administration attorney can help you create instructions for these circumstances. That’s why estate planning with a living trust is almost always preferred over estate planning using a last will and testament alone.

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Gabriel Katzner has a track record, along with a vast number of outstanding public reviews across platforms, of working hard on behalf of individuals who need assistance with comprehensive estate planning services.

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The Role of the Trustee

Trust administration is the process of managing and overseeing the assets held in a trust. Typically, the trust maker appoints themselves as the trustee of their living trust. Their trust documents should identify a successor trustee and specify how the successor trustee will manage and oversee the trust should the trust maker become incapacitated or pass away.

Following the death of a trust maker, a successor trustee steps in to handle trust administrative and related responsibilities. The trustee bears an important fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the trust assets are distributed properly and in a timely fashion.

A trustee has many duties when managing and overseeing a trust. They also have an ethical responsibility to safeguard the trust’s assets for the beneficiaries. If a trust maker has entrusted you with administering their trust and you have questions about your fiduciary duties and obligations, contact a San Diego trust attorney for help. A San Diego trust attorney’s knowledge and expertise are crucial for this complicated process to be handled effectively.

Find The Best San Diego Trust Administration Attorney

A skilled trust administration lawyer in San Diego can help provide counsel on how to best handle a variety of expected and unexpected situations that may arise during this process. This includes:

1. Gathering all trust assets.
2. Reviewing the trust document itself.
3. Explaining trustee responsibilities to the person who is stepping in for administration.
4. Making the required notices to all interested parties.
5. Income tax planning.
6. Estate tax analysis services.
7. Collection of any death benefits.
8. Creation of sub-trusts (highly complex).
9. Dissolution of the trust.

The primary responsibilities of a trustee include collecting, managing, investing, and distributing trust assets. To protect themselves from personal liability, trustees must keep meticulous records of their actions. If a trustee exceeds their powers as trustee or does something that is contrary to the trust instructions, they may be held liable for trust estate losses or damages. Contact a San Diego trust attorney to clarify questions about the trustee’s roles and responsibilities before taking any actions.

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Gabriel Katzner has a track record, along with a vast number of
outstanding public reviews across platforms, of working hard on behalf of individuals who need assistance with comprehensive
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You may also need to contact an experienced San Diego trust lawyer if you would like to discuss making a living trust part of your comprehensive estate plan. A revocable living trust can help minimize the probate process and allow for seamless transfers of property and accounts from one generation to the next.

Trust administration in California involves managing and distributing the assets in a trust according to the trust instructions. The trustmaker establishes these guidelines before their death. Establishing a living trust can prevent the need for probate court intervention when transferring trust assets to the beneficiaries.

A trust maker may select any competent adult, bank, or trust company to serve as their trustee, as long as the person or entity is willing to accept the responsibility involved in trust administration.

The trustee is responsible for administering the trust and managing its assets. Common responsibilities a trustee may be asked to undertake include the following:

  • Communicating with beneficiaries
  • Keeping accurate and timely trust records
  • Investing trust assets
  • Managing trust assets
  • Distributing trust assets
  • Preparing and filing tax forms for the trust
  • Seek professional assistance as needed

A trust agreement is a legal document used to create a trust. It includes the trust terms, and it dictates how the trust will operate. It names the trustee and successor trustees, as well as the beneficiaries. It specifies how the trust will be managed and how the trust assets will be distributed.


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