Estate Planning ebook:

A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

Estate Planning ebook:

A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

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From everyday people to celebrities, it is heart-breaking to see families going to court to deal with probate, be forced to fend off claims from relatives and strangers alike to an estate that was not properly planned, and simply being forced to deal with an administrative nightmare after the death of a loved one. Imagine if their deceased parent or grandparent could see how siblings, relatives, or friends have turned on each other. There has to be a better way.

You never want to force your loved ones to be in that situation. Thinking about death can be overwhelming. The process of estate planning can feel daunting. It doesn’t have to be once you’ve found the right counsel to guide you. We are offering several free resources that can help!

Whether you need our Estate Planning Checklist to ensure that you have gathered all the relevant estate planning documents or want to watch an on-demand Estate & Legacy Planning Webinar or download an E-book below in which Gabriel Katzner, founder of Katzner Law Group, explains the estate planning process using a fictitious cartoon family and terms that anyone can relate to, we have you covered.

In the ebook, the unfortunate cartoon Bliss family is about to be run through the ringer and have dreadful luck. Their bad luck is used to illustrate five terrible situations in which any family could find themselves. The Bliss family will sacrifice themselves to help educate you so you can be in the wonderful position to make the informed estate planning decisions best for you and your loved ones.

Five Dreadful Situations Any Family Could Relate To

  • textFinancial Conservatorship

    What would you do if your ex-husband unexpectedly died and left your teenage son a million dollars?

    • Who would manage the money – you, your son, or someone else? The answer to this question may surprise you!
    • What rights do you have as a parent to protect your child from themselves and keep them from wasting their inheritance?
    • How could you secure your hard-earned assets and protect the future of your children or grandchildren at the same time?
    • What are the limits on how well a Last Will and Testament can protect your family? (not to ruin the surprise, but the answer is that a Last Will and Testament does not protect your family very well at all!)

    Watch the Estate & Legacy Planning Webinar or download the E-book below to learn how a Revocable Living Trust may be just the option you need or need to speak with your parents about.

  • textGuardianship

    Imagine you and your partner were in an auto accident. You are alive but will need to stay in the hospital for a few days to recover.

    • Who will take care of your children?
    • Can your neighbor have temporary guardianship until a family member can get there? Ah, the answer may surprise you!

    Learn why naming a temporary guardian is just as important as naming a permanent one in your estate plan.

  • textMedical Power of Attorney

    Have you ever called a hospital to get information on a family member who had just been admitted? You were probably told that they could not give you any information. HIPAA Laws are perfect for protecting your privacy but not so great when you are a worried relative.

    • How can you ensure your family members can get the medical information YOU want them to have?
    • Is there a way to ensure someone can pay your bills if you are hospitalized?
  • textEnd-of-Life Planning

    Have you discussed end-of-life planning with your parents? What about your spouse?

    • It is difficult in itself to cope with a significant illness or imminent death, but what if you have no idea how your family member feels about potential life-extending treatments?

    Learn how having an estate plan and a Revocable Living Trust could give you control over how your loved ones will be cared for and your assets managed.

  • textFinal Estate Planning

    Do you have a Last Will and Testament based estate plan? Is it up-to-date? Does it accomplish what you think it will accomplish (or is a Revocable Living Trust a better planning strategy for you)?

    • There are limitations on what a Last Will and Testament can do.
    • A Revocable Living Trust based estate plan can help avoid the probate process and minimize expenses, delays, and privacy loss. A Last Will and Testament GUARANTEES your family will have to deal with the expensive, time consuming, and public probate process!
    • Failure to fund a Revocable Living Trust is a common and costly mistake. Learn how not to make this mistake and many others.

Avoid these costly estate planning mistakes.

These topics may sound depressing, and it may feel awkward for some to discuss them, but I can assure you, you will be glad you took the time to consider and plan for them. There is nothing more important than the long-term care and well being of your family.

Estate planning is one of the most neglected parts of financial planning. Learn from the cartoon Bliss family and see how you can avoid the probate process, protect your hard-earned wealth, ensure your children are cared for in the event of your death or disability, protect your privacy, and plan to pass on your estate to your heirs in exactly the way you want it done.

Knowing the pitfalls of not having a proper estate plan is great, download our Estate Planning Checklist for that, but you also need the next steps. Don’t worry. The Estate & Legacy Planning E-Book which you can download below and on-demand Webinar both cover that as well. Learn how the Katzner Law Group process compares to the traditional experience. Gabriel Katzer explains his three step-process to estate planning. The Katzner Law Group does it differently, and that is why we are blessed to have so many five-star reviews!

Estate Planning ebook:

A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting You and Your Loved Ones

Please fill out the form below and we will send out an email with the download link.

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