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Looking forward to the future and handling your plans for Medi-Cal or dealing with them in an imminent crisis situation are both equally important. Identifying an experienced San Diego Medi-Cal Planning Attorney, who you can turn to for assistance with these complicated issues is vital for outlining a strategy that protects your assets as much as possible. The support of an attorney can go a long way towards giving you clarity about your long-term plans while protecting your assets and assisting you when you are concerned about a spouse or family member in need of Medi-Cal support. California’s program for administering federal Medi-Cal funds is Medi-Cal. A qualified Attorney will help you understand the state program and how to get the most support from it. There are several different programs under this umbrella. Many people have misconceptions surrounding the process of Medi-Cal and long-term planning. Most people assume that when someone you love is hospitalized and then sent to a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility, that Medicare will pick up the cost. However, far too many people find themselves in this situation of having to grapple with these extensive expenses after Medicare has discontinued their payment. Medicare will cover payments for qualifying people as long as 100 days. However, many families will receive a notice of Medicare termination before the 100 day mark. The many people who don’t have a long-term care insurance plan in place will then have to figure out how to pay for the cost for themselves or to submit an application for long term care Medi-Cal.

Why You Need a San Diego Medi-Cal Planning Lawyer

The average cost of a nursing home in California is more than $7000 per month and many people cannot afford to pay on their own for long without impacting their family and their spouse significantly. The estate that you may have planned to pass on to your beneficiaries can quickly be eliminated by paying for nursing home care yourself. The most valuable alternative is long term Medi-Cal. This could cover many nursing home expenses. Some applicants might need to pay a share of the cost, but this does not apply to everyone. Even those who have a high portion of expenses will be responsible for less than full cost. An experienced Medi-Cal planning attorney in San Diego can assist you to discover how to qualify for long term care and navigate these. oftentimes, complicated waters. This will assist with many of the expenses associated with long term care and may help to legally preserve the vast majority of assets for the future. Understanding the share of cost and using techniques that allow you to put your individual share of cost for therapy for a family member is also important. Understanding the various rules and regulations surrounding Medi-Cal is extremely important for anyone who is eligible to apply for this beneficial coverage. The timeline of coverage is also equally important and sitting down with an experienced attorney can help to clarify many of the most common issues. It is important to meet with an attorney who can understand the eligibility requirements of the program as well as how to exercise care in the application process. Your lawyer will help you during the application period for long term care benefits in the nursing home, so that you family is not decimated financially by this critical issue. An experienced lawyer will help you come up with appropriate planning tactics to minimize the cost of a nursing facility. With personalized attention, your lawyer will help you figure out the share of cost rules and income requirements.

San Diego Medi-Cal Planning Attorney

How to Safeguard Your Assets with Careful Medi-Cal Planning

Affordable solutions can be developed based on this strategy that assists you in planning for the future. These include:

  1. Protecting your home from liens.
  2. Protecting your assets to assist with payments for long-term care.
  3. Qualifying for long-term care with government benefits.
  4. Generating an estate plan that provides for your spouse, heirs, and children.

Anyone who presently needs long-term care or who may need it in the future can benefit from San Diego Medi-Cal planning. Many people assume that they do not need the support of an attorney, however, advanced Medi-Cal planning is extremely important for protecting your assets, since Medi-Cal will not cover many assisted living facilities. Medi-Cal planning services are especially helpful for:

  1. Anyone needing long-term care insurance now.
  2. Any person already in a skilled facility or soon to be put in one.
  3. A stroke victim or anyone diagnosed with dementia, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.
  4. Anyone interested in how your home, household items, personal effects and beyond affect your eligibility for Medi-Cal.

If you’re ready to talk planning options to help you now, you deserve the input of a lawyer who will help you consider all the choices.

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