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Take Care of Yourself with an Estate Planning Prescription

Gabriel Katzner - June 1, 2020 - Estate Planning

To all front-line and essential workers: Thank you for all of your hard work. You tirelessly give of yourself to care for the most vulnerable members of our society. In hospitals, therapy rooms, and patients’ homes, you protect them and you help them get the most out of today and gain a better tomorrow. You […]

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Charitable Planning: How to Proceed

Gabriel Katzner - May 25, 2020 - Estate Planning

You may decide to give to a charity because you believe strongly in a cause or organization, but there are also additional personal benefits to this move that you may or may not have considered. For example, charitable giving can reduce your yearly income tax bill and remove value from your estate which can help […]

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Unclaimed Property – Where to find it, and What it Means for Your Estate Plan

Gabriel Katzner - May 18, 2020 - Estate Planning

Most of us can’t imagine simply losing track of money or property. But no matter how careful we are with our finances, it is possible for utility deposits, credit balances, unused gift certificates, bank accounts, and other types of funds (sometimes large!) to accidentally slip through the cracks. Across the country, there are billions of […]

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Estate Planning Considerations for Restauranteurs

Gabriel Katzner - May 11, 2020 - Estate Planning

If you are a restaurant owner, like most business owners, you have many demands on your time, but you should still set aside a few hours to create an estate and business succession plan. If you become ill or pass away, who will run the business? Is there someone else who can make payroll and […]

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Can a Non-U.S. Citizen Create an Estate Plan in the U.S.?

Gabriel Katzner - May 4, 2020 - Estate Planning

The United States has experienced a surge in immigration since 1970, and in 2019 alone, approximately 1,031,000 foreign nationals obtained lawful permanent resident status. It is essential for those individuals, just like U.S. citizens, to have estate plans in place. But there are several special issues non-citizens will need to consider as they move forward. […]

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Choosing a Charitable Gift

Gabriel Katzner - April 27, 2020 - Income Tax Planning

If you make a donation to a public charity, you are not limited to donating cash. Depending upon your finances and personal goals, you may be able to donate different types of accounts or pieces of property to the charity instead. Cash The fastest and easiest way to make a financial impact for your favorite […]

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COVID-19 and the Importance of Estate Planning

Gabriel Katzner - April 20, 2020 - Estate Planning

Coronavirus has been a world-altering event, and for some people, what begins as a small cough can quickly escalate into a serious illness. Thankfully, for most, the symptoms appear to be mild. But it’s crucial for everyone, especially those in good health, to take steps to protect those around us who are more vulnerable if […]

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Protect your Spouse with Smart Estate Planning Strategies

Gabriel Katzner - April 13, 2020 - Estate Planning

You have searched for and found your true love, and as you have built your life together, you’ve weathered storms and grown stronger because of them. To prepare for a future in which you may no longer be there for your spouse, you must plan now. As part of a married couple, you have certain […]

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You Can’t Easily Disinherit Your Spouse

Gabriel Katzner - April 10, 2020 - Estate Planning

In the U.S., it’s somewhat easy to disinherit family members like siblings, children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren if you’re inclined. But it’s not easy to disinherit your spouse. In most states and the District of Columbia, you can’t intentionally disinherit your spouse unless your spouse agrees to receive nothing from your estate via a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. […]

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Leaving Wealth to your Children: Which Distribution Method Is Best?

Gabriel Katzner - April 6, 2020 - Estate Planning

If you are a parent, you love to help your children and leaving them an inheritance is a tangible way to show your love after you are gone. There are a variety of ways that you can do this, and you should choose the method that best takes your goals, including their wellbeing, into account. […]

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