Sending a Child to College: Why You Should Include Estate Planning on your To-Do List

Gabriel Katzner - September 9, 2019 - Estate Planning

Sending a child off to college is an exhilarating experience, and while you bustle around making plans and buying dorm supplies, your heart may be bursting with emotion. Maybe you’re prouder than words can express, but you’re also a little afraid. How can you make sure your child will be safe at their new home […]

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NYC and San Diego Estate Planning Lawyer

Appointing Fiduciaries: When Two Heads Are Better Than One

Gabriel Katzner - September 2, 2019 - Estate Planning

We rely on our friends to help us through life’s challenges, and when you’re setting up an estate plan, it can be very helpful to have a trusted friend or loved one by your side. It’s actually vitally important that you appoint a fiduciary to act on your behalf and carry out your wishes if […]

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Estate Planning Attorney San Diego - The Secure Act

The Secure Act: How Will It Impact Your Retirement?

Gabriel Katzner - August 26, 2019 - Estate Planning

The Senate is currently reviewing new legislation that will presumably help seniors prepare for their golden years. Better known as the SECURE Act, Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement seeks to make Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) more appealing for Americans of all backgrounds.   Though the legislation has not yet cleared the Senate, the […]

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San Diego Estate Planning Attorney

Financial Powers of Attorney

Gabriel Katzner - August 12, 2019 - Estate Planning

If you’ve carefully managed your finances through the years, you may have accumulated a significant amount of assets, and a time may come when the decision-making abilities that brought you here are no longer within your reach. To plan for the day when you are unable to manage your financial affairs, it’s important to take […]

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San Diego CA Estate Planning Attorney

Before Your Deployment, Organize your Affairs

Gabriel Katzner - August 5, 2019 - Estate Planning

Before your deployment, it’s a good idea to review your financial affairs and put things in order. You will make life a little easier for your loved ones and for yourself when you return.  1. Create a Family Care Plan Family Care Plans are usually required for single parents, dual service member couples with dependents, […]

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San Diego and NY Estate Planning Attorney

Can I Make an Estate Plan Without Involving My Spouse?

Gabriel Katzner - July 29, 2019 - Estate Planning

Family relationships have changed and evolved over the last few decades, and the old assumption that married couples will share finances, tax obligations, and a last name no longer applies in the 21st century. When it comes to keeping your finances, identity, and future plans separate, more options are available now than there ever have […]

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San Diego and NY Wills and Trust Lawyer

Will vs. Trust: Which Should You Choose?

Gabriel Katzner - July 24, 2019 - Estate Planning

As you create your estate plan, you’ll need to address a host of questions, for example: If something happens to you, who should assume ownership of your home? Who should run your family business? Can your estate serve as a college fund for your grandkids? What charities should receive your support?  Before you delve into […]

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Traditional Asset Protection

Caution: Your Traditional Asset Protection Plan May Not Be Strong Enough

Gabriel Katzner - July 11, 2019 - Asset Protection

Asset protection planning is a practice area that’s far from new; even if you’ve never heard the term before, you’ve probably engaged in some form of traditional asset protection planning at some point during your life. In fact, no matter the words you use to describe it, you probably have several forms of asset protection […]

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New York Asset Protection

3 Asset Protection Tips You Can Use Right Now

Gabriel Katzner - July 4, 2019 - Asset Protection

If you think only wealthy people or those in high-risk professions need to worry about lawsuits, take a closer look. The truth is, anyone can be sued, and no matter how risky your job or how high your net worth, it’s a good idea to have an asset protection plan in place. Car accidents, foreclosures, […]

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Revocable Trusts

The Trust Protection Myth

Gabriel Katzner - June 27, 2019 - Trust Administration

Your Revocable Trust: It May Not Protect You from Lawsuits Here’s a common myth about revocable trusts: Many people believe that when they set up and transfer assets to a Revocable Living Trust, lawsuits can’t touch these assets, and anything placed in the trust will be protected from legal action. This is a false assumption […]

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