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Ever wonder what the dangers of a DIY estate plan are, or whether to use the lowest-priced attorney you can find? In my newly released on-demand webinar, I will show you some eye-opening truths about estate planning and the common missteps that you must absolutely avoid.

Ready to protect your family and your assets? It ALL begins with this webinar.

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You’ll learn:
● The three biggest fears when it comes to estate planning
● How you can get beyond the fears to do the right thing by the people you love, and feel confident in your decision-making process
● All about our story, our firm, and our unique process, including exactly how much it costs to protect your family and your assets with an estate plan
● How to have true peace of mind you’ve done the right thing to protect your family and your assets

“Finding the best estate planning lawyer – one that you can trust to guide you through the estate planning process both today and for years into the future – is crucial. These decisions will affect you and your family for years to come. It can be difficult to find a lawyer who is the right fit for such an important task. You need a lawyer who not only has a comprehensive understanding of the various issues involved in putting together an estate plan but one who also knows how to work well with clients to put an estate in place that is a client’s own estate plan, one custom built for them, no one else.”

-Gabriel Katzner, YOUR Estate Planning Attorney

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