In this Webinar You’ll Discover How to be Sure You and Your Family are Properly Protected, Even if You Already Have a Trust!

Learn why a properly designed and maintained Living Trust estate plan must address…

The Purpose of Estate Planning

Control what you have all your life as long as you’re able, then upon your death leave what you want, to whom you want, the way you want, when you want, at the least possible cost in fees and taxes.

I’ll teach you how!

Estate Planning Yesterday vs. Today

As we like to say around here, “Wills are dead.” Estate taxes are a concern only for the very few.

Asset protection, income tax planning, legacy planning, and family harmony are what a modern estate plan is all about.

What You Need to Know about Wills and Trusts

The risks of a Will based plan, the facts (including fees!) about probate, and how to avoid common missteps even many attorneys commit when planning with a Revocable Living Trust.

How to Choose the Right Attorney & Take Action

An open and honest discussion of flat fee vs hourly billing, no fee follow-up vs client maintenance programs, and what a comprehensive estate plan MUST include.

Meet Gabriel Katzner

Gabriel is an attorney who concentrates exclusively in the related areas of (i) estate planning, (ii) asset protection, and (iii) probate/trust administration. He has over 150 Five-Star Google & Yelp public and verifiable reviews (and no reviews less than a Five-Star!). Gabriel takes pride in his webinars being educational, as opposed to a painful sales pitch, and you’ll leave this webinar not only informed as to your estate planning options but comfortable knowing that you’re now empowered to make those decisions best for your family and loved ones.