New York Estate Planning Attorney

Are you wondering or worrying what would happen to your family and your assets if something unexpected or unfortunate happened to you?

The scary part is that if you don't have an estate plan, your state has a plan for you and they'll have the final say in what happens to you, your assets, as well as who cares for your minor children if you're incapacitated or die without an estate plan. The good news is that by putting in place an estate plan now you can regain the upper hand and have the final say in what happens to your family and assets.

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New York Asset Protection Planning Attorney

We live in a world where being sued is all too common and those who have accumulated wealth or had professional achievement are likely to find themselves on the wrong end of a lawsuit at some point.

What can you do to protect what you have worked a lifetime for? Thankfully there are estate planning options, such as a domestic asset protection trust, that will allow you to protect your hard earned assets. The key with this sort of planning is to work with an attorney well versed in the space and to do such planning proactively because once you're facing a creditor it's typically too late.

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New York Probate Attorney and Trust Administration

Probate is the court process whose purpose is to prove the validity of a Will and distribute assets in accordance with the Will.

If you've lost someone close to you, probate is the last thing you want to deal with. I understand this and it's why guiding my client's seamlessly through probate is so very important to me. In most states, probate averages 9-18 months and can quickly get very expensive if managed improperly. It's important to work with a lawyer who's able to smoothly and efficiently navigate through everything involved in probate.

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New York Medicaid Planning Attorney

Medicaid is one of two government-operated health insurance programs in America. Medicare is the other. While most seniors know they can get Medicare benefits and understand what it takes to qualify, there is more confusion and uncertainty when it comes to Medicaid.

While Medicaid can be a financial lifesaver when you or a loved one needs nursing home care, the problem is a lot of seniors have saved money or have paid off properties. The assets seniors own could be disqualifying until they are spent on nursing care. Fortunately, Medicaid planning provides a way around this rule to allow seniors to keep their legacy.

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